DPR People’s Council deputy Vladislav Rusanov commented on the threats of Verkhovna Rada ex-Speaker Andrei Parubiy to President Vladimir Zelensky in the event of a revision of the law on forced Ukrainization. According to Parubiy, any tirade against Ukrainian might be regarded as an offence against the Ukrainian statehood.

“President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky is demonstrating his complete political helplessness. Most of his comments and statements are pure populism. For example, they recently suggested the idea to revise the Law on Language drawn up by Poroshenko’s team, but it was passed under President Zelensky already. The idea itself is not bad, the law is really discriminatory, does not comply with international law and caused outrage not only in Ukraine but also in Europe.

But shouldn’t Zelensky have realized that as soon as a revision of this law was announced, a response from the nationalists would come immediately? Of course, he realized that. And this response came, ex-speaker of the Ukrainian parliament Parubiy immediately, publicly and harshly declared that they would not let the president review this law.

The same reaction was as early as in the summer, when the law was being adopted, and the situation during this time has only worsened. Zelensky quite consciously claimed what the voters expected of him, while realizing that he had no chance to transform the statement into reality.

In fact, today Ukraine is being ruled by a bunch of nationalists, who directly threaten the elected president with riot and unrest. Obviously, the nationalist terror reigns in Ukraine today, and the incumbent president has neither power nor ability to deal with that terror. Otherwise, they promise him a new Maidan, and the events regarding Ukrainians evacuated from China and the mass protests in Khmelnitsky, Lvov and the Poltava region just proved that Ukrainian radicals really could riot where they want, and neither Zelensky nor his team can stop them.

This is probably because of the rapid decline in Zelensky’s rating. They expected of him determination, which would curb the nationalists, but he showed himself a spineless, weak and easily manipulated person with a penchant for populism and unfounded promises. In fact, since Poroshenko’s rule, the situation in the country has only escalated,” Vladislav Rusanov said.