The DPR Representative Office to the JCCC reports that the number of violations by the armed forces of Ukraine totaled 17 for the past 24 hours.

The following weapons were used against the DPR in violation of the Minsk Agreements and ceasefire agreements.

Gorlovka front: 120mm mortars — four times (48 shells); 82mm mortars — twice (seven shells); large-caliber firearms — once; small arms — once.

Donetsk front: 82 mm mortars — twice (ten shells); APC/IFV — once (50 shots); RPG/SPG — 12 grenades; large-caliber firearms — four times; small arms — four times.

Mariupol front: RPG/SPG — four grenades; large-caliber firearms — four times; small arms — four times.

Zaytsevo, Gorlovka (the villages of Gagarin Mine and Mine 6/7), Shirokaya Balka, Vasilyevka, Donetsk (the village of Trudovskaya Mine), Aleksandrovka, Kominternovo came under AFU fire.

As previously reported, yesterday the village of Mine 6/7 in Gorlovka was attacked by Mortars, sections of the water main of the Seversky Donets – Donbass canal are damaged. The Ukrainian party has given the necessary security guarantees, repair work to the water main has begun this morning.

Three houses are damaged, dry grass caught fire during the attack on Zaytsevo.

No civilian casualties were registered for the reporting period.

The AFU fired 131 munitions in total.