In order to provoke retaliatory actions from units of the People’s Militia of the Lugansk People’s Republic, the enemy continues to engage the LPR territory. Over the past day, the armed formations of Ukraine violated the ceasefire once, the LPR PM’s press service reported today, on November 7.

“On the Debaltsevo front, militants from the 59th AFU brigade, by order of war criminal Shapovalov, engaged the Logvinovo area by using an 82mm mortar, an antitank grenade launcher and a heavy machine gun. No casualties among the civilian population or the LPR PM military have been reported.

Ukrainian occupiers continue to use civil infrastructure for the deployment of weapons and military equipment, with which they attack populated localities of our Republic. So, in a residential area of Zolotoye, in the immediate vicinity of the disengagement site, militants from the 72nd brigade deployed 6 infantry fighting vehicles.

In order to prevent the disclosure of the AFU equipment, which is deployed in violation of the Minsk Agreements, the units of Ukrainian criminals continue to create obstacles to the operation of the OSCE SMM’s unmanned aerial vehicles that carry out flights over the territory occupied by the AFU. So, our observation posts, in positions of the 46th AFU brigade located in the Kondroshevskaya area, spotted small arms fire at an OSCE UAV, which was carrying out its flight near Metallist. Representatives of the Mission were forced to land the drone and leave the monitoring area. Thus, the Ukrainian side demonstrates its reluctance to the peace-building process, regularly thwarting the agreements reached in Minsk on the settlement of the armed conflict in Donbass.”