According to the weekly epidemiologic monitoring, 6,637 ARVI and influenza cases were reported this week, the DPR Health Ministry’s press service reports.

According to virology testing, a combined circulation of influenza A and B viruses was reported.

Measles incidence remained sporadic. No cases of measles were registered this week.

Over the period, 121 cases of acute enteric infections were registered, the prevalence was 21.0 per cent and 23.5 per cent higher than the previous week and the same period last year, respectively. 71.1% of the total number of AEI cases were registered among children aged up to 17.

The transmission of the infection through food was predominating, 91.7% of the cases. The major factors of AEI transmission were:

— dairy – 34.9%;

— home-made products with irregularities in the procedure of their cooking and storage – 26.1%;

— fruits and vegetables – 14.0%.

48 victims of animal bites contacted DPR health care institutions for anti-rabies aid. Health care facilities have anti-rabies immunoglobulin and vaccine in sufficient quantity.

One case of Lyme Borreliosis was reported in Snezhnoye, the child became infected in DPR territory. He is getting the necessary treatment.

The DPR Sanitary and Epidemiological State Service took 68 samples of drinking water, including 61 samples from central water supply networks and 7 samples from epidemiological spots. Sixty-eight samples were tested for microbiological and sanitary chemical parameters.

Deviations in terms of microbiological, sanitary and chemical parameters were found in 3 samples from the central water supply networks.