The Representative Office of the Donetsk People’s Republic to the JCCC informs that the number of violations by the AFU totaled 6 over the past 24 hours.

The following weapons were used against the DPR territory in violation of the Minsk Agreements and ceasefire arrangements:

  • Donetsk front: 82mm mortars – 1 time (2 shells); IFV/APC – 1 time (20 shots); RPG/SPG – 2 times (2 grenades); AGS – 2 times (22 grenades); large-caliber firearms – 1 time.
  • Mariupol front: 120mm mortars – 1 time (1 shell).

The AFU engaged Zhabichevo, Donetsk (the Volvo Center, the village of Trudovskaya Mine), Aleksandrovka, Novaya Tavriya.

Casualties among civilians or damage to the civil infrastructure have not been reported so far.

The number of munitions fired by the AFU totaled 47.