Kiev has changed its representative to the humanitarian subgroup in Minsk, Gennady Kuznetsov attended the talks instead of Valeriya Lutkovskaya. Commissioner for Human Rights in the Donetsk People’s Republic Darya Morozova commented on this fact in an interview with a correspondent of the DPR Official Website.

“The first meeting in Minsk was held in mid-January, and Valeriya Lutkovskaya was no longer present there. Gennady Kuznetsov was temporarily appointed representative of Ukraine for the next meeting. He used to take part in the negotiation process, but as an expert from the SBU. Nevertheless, it is unclear yet whom Ukraine will officially choose to work in the humanitarian subgroup,” Darya Morozova told.

The ombudsperson also says that the new representative’s personality matters, since much depends on his stance.

“We all remember that the process did not advance at all when Irina Geraschenko was a negotiator. With Ms. Lutkovskaya, we managed to carry out a prisoner exchange. Now we hope that the new official representative will be guided by humanitarian principles only and our work will be productive,” Darya Morozova concluded.