Lawyer from Cherkassy and secretary of Ukraine’s National Union of Journalists Valery Makeyev claims that he is calling off his vote for Vladimir Zelensky in the presidential election, chief of the Donetsk Republic Public Movement’s Central Executive Committee Alexey Muratov commented on this information.

“Valery Makeyev regrets that he joined the ill-fated 73% of supporters of the current head of state, as he is categorically disappointed with the policy Zelensky has been pursuing after coming to power.

In particular, the lawyer criticized the judicial reform, calling it a “judicial genocide”, as it virtually disables the ordinary citizens to demand justice. He branded the media and disinformation draft laws as “Goebbels-like”. However, Valery Makeyev was most outraged by the amendments to the law on education, according to which residential care schools will have stopped enlisting beginning on 2020, that is, children with disabilities will actually be turned adrift.

He stressed that this was the last straw when he decided to call off his vote, as Zelensky did nothing worthy except for the prisoner exchange during his time in power.

Alas, the citizens of Ukraine have once again been deceived. The wide support that Zelensky and his team had during the presidential and parliamentary elections manifested the hope of the people for fundamental changes in the domestic and foreign policy in the country: ending the war in the territory of Donbass, ending the terror from the nationalist minority, denying the destructive reforms the West imposed, restoring neighborly relations with Russia.

According to the economist and political scientist, director of the Institute for Transformation of the Future Oleg Soskin, the rapid fall of the Ukrainian president’s real rating, without jugglery, currently does not exceed 15%, which is the result of the heavy disappointment of the nation. It seems that Zelensky’s political career will be as fleeting as his rapid rise, and its end will be no less inglorious than that of his predecessor. It’s easy to lose people’s trust, and it’s almost impossible to regain it,” Alexey Muratov stated.