Impunity give rise to lawlessness. The ongoing terror, conducted in Ukraine by the nationalist minority, forces citizens and officials to condone the most dangerous crimes — against their history, and therefore against their future, Head of the Central Executive Committee of the Donetsk Republic Public Movement Alexei Muratov stated.

“Thus, yesterday, on February 4, right-wing activists dismantled the bas-relief of Victory Marshal Georgy Zhukov, fixed on the wall of the dormitory of the History Department of Odessa Mechnikov National University. Local citizens under the leadership of Regional Council deputy Bogdan Giganov tried to prevent this flagrant act of vandalism, but were forced to retreat, as the nationalists showed the relevant permission of the University Rector.

In a situation where attempts to counter radicals lead to threats, attacks, beatings and killings, which in most cases go not only unpunished, but even not investigated, all dissenting people and the Ukrainian society as a whole become victims who are forced to experience a kind of “Stockholm syndrome.”

The conscious majority of Ukrainian citizens tried to break free from the bonds of this slavery during the 2019 elections. However, Zelensky and his team have proved to be even more cynical and unscrupulous puppets of their Western supervisors and local oligarchs than the previous government. None of the campaign promises and theses of the inaugural speech have been translated into actions and actually proved to be aimed at the final destruction of the country’s future and the genocide of their own people.

Profound disappointment results in the loss of support for the current government and its leader. In just six months as president, Zelensky lost a third of the credit given by citizens during the election, and today this figure is only 49.4%. It is easy to calculate how long Ze’s rule will last if his rating keeps falling so rapidly.

One can only hope that the Ukrainian society will find the strength to overcome the deep crisis it found itself in after the Maidan and will return to the development trajectory in the united family of Slavic peoples,” Alexey Muratov said.