The territory of Ukraine will be taken over by Western partners, and agriculture will completely disappear in the country should the land market be opened, Deputy Chairperson of the DPR Public Chamber Ekaterina Martyanova stated.

“Ukraine keeps slowly and confidently going under the hammer. The attractive sign “Law on the Land Market” is another twist of the Ukrainian authorities aimed at plundering their own people. Zelensky had already forgotten his statements before the election that all important decisions would be made at a national referendum. The Ze team does not care a whit about the Constitution of Ukraine, the Article 13 of which clearly says that the land belongs to the people and it is the people who must decide whether or not they want this, and not a bunch of charlatans and misfits.

There is no clear answer for Ukrainians to the question on the main purpose of opening a land market. Indeed, the law alone is not enough to support small agricultural producers.

Over the years, the agricultural sector has steadily declined in Ukraine, and it was in the last 7 years that it received the greatest blow. For farmers there is needed enormous support — financial and technical, but neither of this is provisioned by the law. Instead, Zelensky & Co are considering the amount of land to be sold and the choice of those to whom this land will actually be sold. And in this regard the servants of the IMF tactfully play in public, declaring it impossible for foreigners to buy land, they even had it provisioned by the law.

But judging by the experience of Ex-President of Ukraine Poroshenko, we know that nothing is impossible. We all remember the best army on the continent and the scandal around Ukroboronprom, any European can easily obtain Ukrainian citizenship. The land will be overtaken by Western partners, and agriculture will completely disappear in Ukraine. Large corporations will come to the country and lease land to Ukrainians at exorbitant cost.

Zelensky personally came to pacify the mutiny of his party members. The rush to pass the law suggests that Kiev’s Western partners are tired of waiting. The scenic confrontation of MPs and protests on Bankovaya Street are no surprise, we have already seen all of this hundreds of times.

Another Western “agreement” on the destruction of sovereignty of the “independent” Ukraine will be executed by the Ze team. Kiev keeps repeating that the state is at war, but who would sell the most valuable resource — land, during the war? It looks like Soros’s servants themselves do not understand what the “Zelensky-style Ukraine” policy will result in,” Ekaterina Martyanova said.