On February 10, DONNU honored the memory of Vsevolod Petrovsky, a journalist, soldier, graduate of the History Department. DPR People’s Council deputies, members of the DPR Public Chamber, representatives of the university’s management, students, the family and friends of the deceased laid flowers at the memorial plaque in his memory, a correspondent of the DPR Official Website reports.

“I met Vsevolod long before the war. He used to play at the What? Where? When? club. He was a very bright and very interesting player. The teams that he was member of got really high places in the ranking of Ukrainian and Russian clubs. We lost a really intelligent and patriotic journalist,” Chairman of the DPR Public Chamber Alexander Kofman said.

“We are happy that Vsevolod is remembered. His short life left a bright trace in this world. I want everyone to remember his feat. He always said that he did not know in what way and how long he would be fighting, but the main thing for him was not to miss the Nazis,” Tatiana Petrovskaya, Vsevolod’s mother, recalls.

“Vsevolod had two features: sense of justice and desire to know the truth. He was honest with himself in his deeds and actions from the beginning to the end. I wish everyone did right and honorable things, so something in our lives could change for the better,” believes Vyacheslav Petrovsky, Vsevolod’s father.