Zelensky and his team’s all acts just copy the strategy of Petro Poroshenko, DPR People’s Council deputy Vladislav Berdichevsky stated.

“Ukraine’s policy regarding the conflict in Donbass has all the signs of external control and inability to make independent decisions.

Experience has proved that if the handlers from Washington see it fit, Kiev does not comply with the current Ukrainian legislation and does not observe the agreements. If a new law is passed, they will not comply with it until the US gives the command.

Statements about the involvement of former natives of Donbass, who escaped for ideological reasons, into the Minsk process are an attempt to impose a travesty of elections that will not be agreed on with DPR and LPR representatives. This directly contradicts the Minsk Agreements. Such a scheme by Zelensky and his accomplices will not work out. It seems that the current president got no lesson from Poroshenko’s fate,” Vladislav Berdichevsky said.