Kiev continues its policy of false accusations of the People’s Militia of violating the ceasefire. With this in view, another provocation is planned to take place involving artillery units, official representative of the DPR People’s Militia Directorate Rinat Aigistov reported at the briefing in Donetsk February 10.

“We recorded the presence in the 58th and 59th AFU brigades’ responsibility zone of camera crews correspondents of such Ukrainian TV channels as 1+1, NewsOne, Channel 24, UA TV and Channel 5, as well as France-Presse foreign information agency. The media activities coordination is carried out by press officers of the Joint Forces Operation Staff and the 74th Information and Psychological Operations Center of the Special Operations Forces of Ukraine.

AFU brigade commanders Kashchenko and Shapovalov, in whose responsibility areas there are working correspondents, were instructed by Sever Operational Tactical Group Commander Romigailo to provide every possible assistance in making video reports.

Earlier, we have repeatedly noted that the presence of Ukrainian media in the Joint Forces Operation zone negatively affects the situation on the line of military contact and leads to an increase in the number of provocative attacks on the Republic’s territory by the AFU.

We urge international observers to prevent an aggravation of the situation in Donbass and compel the Ukrainian party to comply with their obligations,” Aigistov said.