Ukrainian militants continue to massively attack the Republic’s peaceful cities, destroying homes, schools, social facilities, and power lines. In particular, on February 9, the energy infrastructure of the 6/7 mine’s village in Gorlovka was again damaged by the fragments of shell launched by the Kiev forces.

According to the press service of the Coal and Energy Ministry, the AFU broke the 0.4 kV line, cutting residents of three streets off power supply: a total of 55 households on Mira, Timiryazeva and Andronnikova street.

“Voltage disappeared in people’s homes at 8:50 a.m. The application was quickly processed, despite the danger of coming under the fire launched by the Kiev forces. The emergency repair team restored the integrity of the line and provided voltage to residents at 10:17.

At the moment, the 6/7 mine’s village is being fed with power in a normal mode,” representatives of the Coal and Energy Ministry noted.

As will be recalled, just 5 days ago, on February 5, this village was already cut off electricity. As a result of a massive fire AFU attack on a 6 kV high-voltage line, wires of two phases were broken, leaving 1,024 households without electricity. Then it took power engineers about three hours to restore power supply.