On Wednesday of February 12, it was 5 years since the signing of the second Minsk Agreements. Denis Pushilin, the Head of the Donetsk People’s Republic, stated to the Ukraina.ru edition his opinion on why Ukraine had taken it upon itself to sign the agreements, but hasn’t implemented them so far, the press service of the Head of State’s Office reports.

“The Minsk Agreements’ signing five years ago came from the DPR and LPR defenders’ military victory and the ignominious Debaltsevo pocket for the Ukrainian armed forces.

Few modern treaties, ratified at the UN Security Council level, can be compared with the Minsk Agreements in the number of comments, discussions, mentions by world leaders and in the media. This, of course, is not about numerous discussions. Although it is important that the conflict in the territory of Donbass has been on the geopolitical agenda for five years. The most significant result brought by the Minsk Agreements was the termination to the critical bloody phase of the war in our land.

As for the aspirations for peace, we never trusted the Ukrainian party, including then. If you can remember, even during the negotiations with the Normandy Four leaders in the capital of Belarus, Poroshenko did not want to admit the obvious thing — the complete defeat of the Ukrainian army near Debaltsevo. Ukraine has been demonstrating such a conduct during all these years, equivocating and deceiving. Its political leadership can be stimulated only by cornering,” Denis Pushilin said.

The Head of State also emphasized that not a single paragraph had been implemented in full.

“Many people compare the Minsk Agreements with the stalemate. I would compare it with another position in the chess game — it is forking for Ukraine. Any step is self-defeating for Kiev, so Ukraine does not make any steps towards fulfilling the agreements.

Now Ukrainian politicians would like to change not even the playing field, but the game itself, that is how overwhelming their cheating has got. Deception and sabotage comprise their main toolkit when it comes to the Package of Measures.

Ukraine does not want and cannot comply with the Minsk Agreements — this is the reason why the agreements have not yet been implemented,” Denis Pushilin said.

Along with that, the Head of the Donetsk People’s Republic commented on Zelensky’s failure to comply with obligations he had earlier undertaken.

“It’s one thing to discuss politics as an ordinary citizen, and another thing is to get the role of an actor by a whim of fate. Not that of a trouper, but that of an actor – a politician on whose actions people’s destiny depends. And Zelensky lacks subjectivity for actions aimed at establishing peace in Donbass: either “senior partners” will curb him from above or the nationalists will threaten him from below.

As a result, we are witnessing political incapacity of the official Kiev. Therefore, Ukraine’s fulfilment of the undertaken obligations cannot be expected,” Denis Pushilin concluded.