The residents of the village of Krasny Partizan, about 1000 people including children and elderly, have been without electricity for over a week, since specialists of the Republic enterprise REK are unable to fix the damaged section of the power line due to the lack of security guarantees from Ukraine, the DPR Representative Office to the JCCC and to the negotiation process reports.

The DPR Representation to the JCCC and negotiation process sent emergency requests twice, on February 6 and 10, for the conduct of necessary work, but the Ukrainian party to the JCCC has not authorized.

In addition, representatives of the Republic raised this issue during the talks of the humanitarian subgroup on February 12 in Minsk, which, unfortunately, also did not bring any results. The Ukrainian side provides no security guarantees as of February 13.

By violating the basic rights of the residents of Donbass, Kiev representatives to the JCCC again politicize the issues of civil infrastructure restoration. Loud statements by Ukrainian officials about how they care for the population of Donbass look especially cynical while civilians, who live by the combat contact line and suffer regular AFU attacks, are experiencing even more hardship. Through the fault of Ukraine and due to the severe weather conditions, they are forced to live with no power, water and heat.

Republic electricians stand ready to restore the electricity supply to the village of Krasny Partizan within the shortest possible time, the moment the Ukrainian party to the JCCC provides the guarantee of security.