Nobody is going to revise the Minsk Agreements for Ukraine and President Zelensky’s sake, DPR People’s Council deputy Alexander Kurenkov stated so on February 12, the fifth anniversary of the Minsk Agreements’ signing.

“Initially, the Minsk Agreements staved off, stopped a large-scale bloody war. Of course, the hostilities have not ended yet. But we managed to stop what happened in 2014 and 2015, when our entire Republic was under enemy artillery fire. They all unequivocally admitted that there was no military option to settle this conflict, so diplomats set to work.

Ukraine has not fulfilled any item of the Minsk accords so far. Many say that the Minsk Agreements got deadlocked. There again, it’s because Ukraine does not comply with them. Moreover, President of Ukraine Zelensky thought up his kind of “vision” of the Minsk Agreements. But no one will go for that. The Russian Federation expressly insists there is no alternative to the Minsk Agreements,” Alexander Kurenkov commented.