The Investigation Department of the DPR Prosecutor General’s Office has initiated and is investigating a criminal case against M.M. Marchenko, the Commander of the 28th separate mechanized AFU brigade, along with the military subordinate to him, into the fact of commission of a terrorist act, constituting a crime under Article 229, Section 2 (a), (c) of the DPR Criminal Code, the press service of the the law enforcement agency reported today, on February 17.

It was established that on 15 February 2020 military of the 28th separate mechanized AFU brigade, at the orders of Сommander M.M. Marchenko, engaged small arms to fire at the Petrovsky district of Donetsk, causing gunshot wounds to a male civilian, born in 1959, who was in the courtyard of the residential house at 51 Krasnoy Zvezdy Street. Investigators of the Prosecutor’s Office are currently carrying out the necessary investigative actions.