Zelensky’s strategic nearsightedness is leading Ukraine to disaster, DPR People’s Council deputy Vladimir Medvedev stated.

“In his interview in Munich, Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky proved his professional ineptitude. He literally said that he had no time to think strategically. In other words, the European president told the whole world that his policy is to seek immediate tactical benefits. I admit that Zelensky himself did not realize what he said. It is the direct duty of a Head of State to defend the strategic interests of his country always and everywhere. A President may take the liberty to think at the tactical level only if strategic decisions do not depend on him.

Many experts and politicians have repeatedly noted that it is the handlers from Washington who make strategic decisions in Ukraine. And now Zelensky himself declared to the whole world that he had no time to think strategically. And why, they have already got a strategy, they only need to solve tactical issues in their favor. Meanwhile, the sellout of Ukrainian black soil, state assets, which bring profit, is being plotted, there is a war in Donbass going on, radical nationalist ideology is being inculcated.

The strategy written in the USA is purposefully leading Ukraine to disaster. And since Zelensky has no time to think strategically, there is no chance of survival,” the parliamentarian noted.