On Tuesday of February 18, the Metallist Village Administration hosted an on-site reception held for residents of the Amvrosiyevsky district by specialists participating in the Mobile Legal Clinic Project of the Donetsk Republic Public Movement, a correspondent of the DPR Official Website reports.

More than 30 persons from Amvrosiyevka, Metallist, Kuteinikovo and Bondarevsky were able to receive free legal assistance from Republic’s experts, joined by Elena Radomskaya, Advisor to the Head of the DRPM’s Central Executive Committee, and Maria Pirogova, a Member of the DPR People’s Council.

The applicants’ questions were related to family law, the possibility of restoring title to property, obtaining a passport of a DPR citizen, recognition of the right of real estate inheritance and ownership, and the procedure for obtaining a DPR passport and Russian citizenship for citizens of the Republic.

As Head of the Metallist Village Administration Nikolai Alyokhin pointed out regarding the Mobile Legal Clinic arrival, all citizens are informed in advance and this gives elderly people the opportunity to receive the necessary free legal and comprehensive advice without visiting the capital of the Republic.

“The most pressing issues of interest to citizens concern the procedure for submitting and the composition of the necessary package of documents for obtaining passports of the DPR and the Russian Federation. It is very convenient for citizens to get the necessary advice within the framework of this project, and along with that, such sessions relieve workload in the central migration services, as well as social tension,” Sergei Rebrov, Head of the Migration Service Sector of the Amvrosiyevsky District Department of the DPR Interior Ministry, said.

In turn, Head of the Kuteinikovsky Village Administration Svetlana Tokareva said that the villagers received answers to all questions of interest in the course of the reception and the Mobile Legal Clinic activities should be continued, as this provides residents of remote localities access to high-quality legal support.

“Citizens received advice on property rights, inheritance, real estate and family law. Along with that, some of the issues brought up by residents are interconnected, and within the framework of Mobile Legal Clinic Project there is an opportunity to get related advice,” lawyer Alexei Turpalov said.

According to DPR People’s Council deputy Maria Pirogova, the joint activities of the legislative body and public movements and organizations of the Republic are aimed at consolidating joint work to ensure an improvement in the quality of the life of citizens.

Besides, as part of the event, more than 100 citizens received advice on verification and pension payments from representatives of the DPR Pension Fund. It is worth noting that the Pension Fund specialists also held a visiting reception for disabled persons right at their place of residence.

“Now the Republic is verifying the data of citizens receiving pension payments, so the Pension Fund has organized on-site visits for citizens of remote localities, which is very convenient for elderly people. Along with that, such activities allow to avoid queues in central offices,” Lyubov Alexeyeva, Head of the Pension Fund Department in the Amvrosiyevsky district, said.

“I have a privatized apartment, but according to the documents it is divided into four parts, and my grandson is living there. I want to prepare a gift deed for my grandson. Specialists of the Mobile Legal Clinic me which agency to address, provided contact details and a list of documents,” Lidiya, a resident of Metallist village, said.

As will be recalled, the Mobile Legal Clinic Project is intended to provide residents of the Republic and people living in remote areas with qualified free legal advice. Next time, residents of Stepanovka village in the city of Shakhtyorsk will be able to apply for legal assistance on March 3.