A Bone Tissue Preservation Department has been opened on the premises of the Republican Trauma Center in Donetsk today, on February 19. According to the correspondent of the Official Website of the Donetsk People’s Republic, the event was attended by DPR Minister of Health Olga Dolgoshapko.

“A vast majority of pathologies require the replacement of bone defects with a transplant, which helps save the limbs. Today, on rounds, we saw several young guys who had managed to keep their arms and legs through this technology. The scientists of the Trauma Center took advanced world technologies as an example when developing this technique. Specifically, the tissues will be conserved in this department to be further used in reconstructive surgery.

Our technology has a great future ahead. By analogy with the Gusak Institute of Emergency and Reconstructive Surgery, even a good bone or fragments can be recreated from individual bone cells. As a doctor, I am proud that it was our scientists who developed this methodology and are working at the level of the best world standards,” Olga Dolgoshapko emphasized.

According to Rodion Yevteyev, Head of the Tissue Preservation Department of the Republican Trauma Center of the DPR Health Ministry, the tissue storage period is about a year and a half, however they can be extracted and re-preserved after this period expires.

“At this stage, we plan to preserve femoral heads, which can be voluntarily provided by donors during prosthetics surgery. Up to five such operations take place every day, and this is enough to commence work. All surgeries performed using this technology will be absolutely free of charge and paid for from budget resources,” he added.