There is only one way to reestablish peace in Donbass — grant a special status to the republics and engage in a direct dialogue with our representatives to further implement the Complex of Measures. The results of the work of the ex-government have shown that any deviation from these terms is unpromising, stated Foreign Minister Natalya Nikonorova, the DPR plenipotentiary to the talks in Minsk.

“As the secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine, Alexey Danilov definitely has to know the wording of the Minsk Agreements. This document, whose terms Ukraine obliged to fulfil, is the only non-military way to settle the conflict, since it implies the preservation of the nominal sovereignty of Ukraine in the territory of Donbass. And UN Security Council’s Resolution 2202, which already turned five shortly before, makes this document binding at an international scale. If Danilov really cared for the fate of the people living in Donbass, then he would facilitate the rapid implementation of the Complex of Measures in its entirety.

Instead, the Ukrainian authorities are keeping on Poroshenko’s policy to drag out the negotiation process and simulate a peaceful regulation. This has become especially noticeable lately, representatives of Kiev are putting forward one provocative initiative after another, making more and more absurd demands to us that have nothing to do with the Minsk Agreements. Not to mention the ongoing provocations at the line of contact and more attacks on civilians in Donbass. Paying lip service about the integrity of the country, Kiev, however, is doing everything to fracture it yet more. We remain firmly convinced that the new government either have no political will to settle the conflict or are taking advantage of the situation for their own financial interests by pretending to be a victim of aggression in front of their Western sponsors.

The sooner the Kiev authorities realize the need to compromise with their own nation, the sooner the deepening breach between Ukraine and Donbass will be overcome,” Nikonorova stressed.