Ukrainian politicians are trying to outdo each other in making a most odious statement. President Zelensky still has the lead in this race, DPR People’s Council deputy Elena Shishkina commented on the events of recent days in Ukraine.

“Statements by the Ukrainian president, as a rule, are self-contradictory, far from reality and common sense. But MPs and ministers are keeping up with their leader. A wall around Donbass, barbed wire, a television channel targeted at our territory… Now they propose deporting thousands of residents of the frontline areas. Tellingly, all those proposals require serious financial costs.

Obviously, as it is a good old Ukrainian custom, most of that money will be stolen. The most these initiators could have enough enthusiasm for is to really drive people out of their homes at the barrel. I believe that nobody would create conditions for them in a new place, so they would leave them to the mercy of fate.

Such proposals, and especially such actions, are a gross violation of human rights. Obviously, if people have not left the frontline zone for the 6 years of war, neither today they will leave voluntarily. This means more deaths among civilians, more repression, more blood — the genocide of the people of Donbass.

Ukrainian politicians and nationalists always prioritize their personal interests, so they are capable of committing any crime to defend those interests,” Shishkina emphasized.