More cases of deployment of AFU equipment and weapons close by residential buildings in populated localities have been reported, spokesman for the DPR PMD Oleg Nikitin informed on February 22.

Militants from the 58th brigade continue hiding an anti-aircraft missile system Osa in Nikolayevka and two IFVs in Zaytsevo (north) among residential buildings.

The 28th brigade deployed an anti-aircraft missile system and two BMP-2s in Krasnogorovka, they engage neighborhoods of Donetsk by turns.

The 10th brigade hid an APC in a yard of the village of Chernenko, and secretly deployed two IFVs and planted thirteen anti-tank mines (TM-62) in Gnutovo.

Defenders of the Republic keep the enemy’s activity under control along the entire line of contact, upon that, they observe the terms of the ceasefire.