A ceremonial parade for a Great Patriotic War combatant was held in the Budyonnovsky district of the city of Donetsk on February 25. According to the correspondent of the DPR Official Website, cadets of Donetsk Higher Combined-Arms Command School, the Civil Defense Academy of the DPR Emergencies Ministry, Donetsk Internal Affairs Academy of the of DPR Interior Ministry and Yunarmeites marched ceremonially to the sounds of a military band on the day of the 96th birthday of Alexei F. Yunda. Along with that, the veteran was presented with gifts.

As Deputy Principal of the DonHCACS Military Training Faculty Lieutenant Colonel Yuri Shpakov emphasized, the veteran of the Great Patriotic War was honoured within the framework of the Thank You, All Veterans campaign.

“Unfortunately, very few veterans are living now. Therefore, there emerged a desire to devote more time to them,” he said.

DPR People’s Council Deputy Alexander Kurenkov emphasized that there should be held as many events, initiated by the Donetsk Republic Public Movement, as possible, especially in the year of the 75th anniversary of the Great Victory.

“Today’s parade can be called the ‘first robin’,” he said.