During the meeting of the Trilateral Contact Group in Minsk, the armed formations of Ukraine are intensifying their attacks on Republic’s populated localities, thus trying to provoke retaliation from DPR People’s Militia units and accuse them of violating the ceasefire.

Today, on February 26, Ukrainian militants engaged the village of Yelenovka with BMP-1 guns.

This attack resulted in damage to a power line, the power supply to Yelenovka was disturbed, the village is cut off electricity completely. 1,400 residential users have been left without power. Emergency services of the Republic are unable to start fixing the damaged power line due to the risk of more attacks by the AFU.

Information on civilian casualties is being specified.

We call on the OSCE Mission to document the ceasefire violation by Ukraine and exert pressure on the Ukrainian armed formations to maintain the ceasefire.