Negotiators of the economic group discussed to some extent the most important items on the agenda of today’s meeting. They primarily focuses on problems in the work of the Voda Donbassa Public Utilities Company, Ukraine’s arrears in social payments and salaries.

They also raised questions concerning the international audit of the Voda Donbassa Company, whose arrangement representatives of the International Committee of the Red Cross take part in. The ICRC has already conducted a relevant tender. In addition, the parties agreed that in the near future they would share in writing their proposals for a mechanism that would allow settling payments for water supply.

With regard to social payments to the residents of the Republics, unfortunately, the Ukrainian stance has not yet changed: no proposals have been brought forward for the necessary elaboration of the legal framework. However, this issue on the agenda is a priority for representatives of the Republics and all attempts to reduce its importance will be prevented.

In turn, negotiators of the humanitarian group today focused on a mechanism for searching the missing and also discussed the problems of completing all procedures after the prisoner exchange.