On February 27 at 17:15, because of the AFU attacks on the DPR territory, 10 kV power line RP-5085–Luganskoye was down and 22 electrical substations were cut off power. The villagers of Signalnoye and Luganskoye, partly Yelenovka, 1164 residential users, as well as a boiler room, a school and a kindergarten were left without electricity.

According to the press-service of the Coal and Energy Ministry, repair crews from the Regional Power Supply Company Republic Enterprise have promptly restored the power supply to the three villages.

“Despite the danger of coming under AFU fire, electricians of the Republic surveyed the line and the substation, found out that the electrical substation 3403 had been damaged, promptly fixed it and connected the 10 kV power line to voltage at 18:50, all consumers who were left without electricity got it back.

Now the power supply to these villages works as per normal,” the Ministry informs.