Ukrainian armed formations continue to actively thwart the work of OSCE SMM observers in order to conceal the deployment of prohibited weapons, spokesman for the DPR PMD Dmitry Astrakhan reported on February 28 at the briefing in Donetsk.

Last week, we detected an operation of EW mobile groups from the 305th and 20th EW battalions in the responsibility zones of the 92nd and 10th AFU brigades. The UAV control and navigation channels were being jammed in the vicinity of Aleksandropol, Novoselovka-2, Pesky, Vodyanoуe, Talakovka, Gnutovo and Pischevik, where OSCE monitors were forced to stop working due to the threat of losing their drones. All the cases of Ukrainian militants’ interference with UAV flights are confirmed by official reports of the OSCE Monitoring Mission.