The Joint Forces Operation Command conceals from OSCE monitors prohibited weapons’ presence on the contact line and in close proximity to civilian objects, official representative of the DPR PMD Dmitry Astrakhan reported the details at the briefing in Donetsk on February 28.

The reconnaissance confirms the deployment of AFU units’ weapons and military equipment near residential buildings and municipal facilities in the territory under their control:

  • the 92nd separate mechanised brigade: in Sokol — one OSA anti-aircraft missile system; in Vodyanoye — two towed 152mm D-20 howitzers; in Avdeyevka — two units of BMP-2; in Zelenopolie — one 9K33 Osa anti-aircraft missile system near a residential building;
  • the 28th separate mechanised brigade: in Kurakhovo — one towed 152mm D-20 howitzer; in Novogrigorovka — three IFVs and one APC;
  • the 59th separate mechanised brigade: in Kodema — one APC; in Artyomovo — one APC;
  • the 10th separate mountain assault brigade: in Pishchevik — two IFVs and one APC; in Talakovka — four armoured combat vehicles; in Chermalyk — two APCs;
  • the 128th separate mountain assault brigade: in Bogdanovka — two IFVs.

The deployment of forbidden weapons and military equipment belonging to the AFU in residential quarters is also recorded by OSCE SMM observers.

“Particular discontent is voiced civilians of Metallist and Krasnogorovka localities in the Ukraine-controlled territory, in which militants of the 28th and 58th AFU brigades have deployed their IFVs in the immediate vicinity of residential buildings, from where they target residential quarters of Golmovsky and Staromikhailovka.

According to the information received from a reliable source at the headquarters of the Vostok Operational Tactical Group, Moskalyov has personally tasked commanders of the AFU brigades to carry out staged attacks and Ukrainian 5th Channel, Ukraina and ICTV TV channels — to make fake video reports. Ukrainian positions and localities in the Ukraine-controlled territory will come under fire, it cannot be excluded that civilians may suffer.

We address residents of the territories occupied by Ukraine to take measures to prevent the deployment of armament and military equipment belonging to the AFU in close proximity to residential buildings and civil infrastructure. Report to representative offices of  the UN and the OSCE international organizations on violations of rights and freedoms, as well as the deployment of AFU equipment next to their homes,” the official representative of the DPR People’s Militia said.