The existing line of contact has been virtually unchangeable for five years. Civil infrastructure located in the frontline areas is affected by shelling, deterioration and the lack of scheduled repairs.

Despite the satisfactory weather in March, which favors the repair and restoration work, the fact that the AFU have stepped up firing, as well as the extremely destructive position of the Ukrainian party, have jeopardized the existing mechanism for mutual approval of safety and security guarantees during repair and restoration work at critical infrastructure facilities.

Thus, on March 25, during the work at the electrical substation in Yasnoye, the armed formations of Ukraine opened sniper fire at the repair team and DPR representatives to the JCCC, who were monitoring the situation. A monitor from of the Joint Center for Control and Coordination Centre suffered a gunshot wound during the firing.

The actions of the Ukrainian side also led to the shutdown and mothball of the Donetsk Filter Station and the threat of shutdown of the Vasilyevka first-stage pumping station, which in turn exacerbated the extremely difficult humanitarian situation against the background of the global pandemic of the COVID-19 virus. Only thanks to the diplomatic pressure from the Republic’s negotiators, it was possible to get the Ukrainian side back on the track of constructive solutions, which made it possible to restart the DSF on March 29 and resume water supply to the residents of Donbass on both sides of the line of contact in full.

In March, the DPR Representative Office to the JCCC and negotiation process managed to agree with the Ukrainian party to the JCCC on repair and restoration works at 5 critical infrastructure facilities.

For example, the Voda Donbassa Company has carried out repair of water supply networks in the localities regularly shelled by AFU, particularly, in the village of Gagarin Mine on Plekhanova Street and in Zaytsevo on Bashkeyeva, Obrucheva and Rybalko Streets.

The Regional Energy Supply Company Republic Enterprise has repaired:

— 0.4 kV power line from the TP-409 electrical substation in the front-line village of Naberezhnoye, Novoazovsky District;

— 110 kV power line SbTES-Yelenovka TG №1,2 from the support №132 to the 110 kV Yelenovka TG substation in the area of Yelenovka

— electrical substation KTP-374 in Yasnoe.

The declared repair and restoration works were carried out in full thanks to the well-coordinated actions of the management and repair workers of the Voda Donbassa Company, Regional Energy Supply Company, as well as thanks to the direct participation of the DPR Representative Office to the JCCC and negotiation process.