Wires in the spans of supports №1 to №3 of the 6kV power line, which is supplied by the 35kV Chekist substation, were damaged by shell fragments during the shelling of Staromikhaylovka by Ukrainian militants on March 28 at 11:11 AM, the press service of the Coal and Energy Ministry reports.

“This line supplies 13 electrical substations, 1300 residential subscribers in Staromikhaylovka. The electricians acted almost at a moment’s notice, they restored the integrity of the line in 24 minutes and resumed power supply to the village at 11:35 AM,” chief of the local power authority Pavel Protsenko informed.

Now the power supply to Staromikhaylovka is carried out in a normal mode. But, according to the chief of the local power authority, the AFU launched many attacks on the inner suburbs of the village of Zhilploschadka on Sunday, which caused multiple damage to 0.4 kV lines, both separate houses and entire streets were cut off power.

“The emergency team had to fix the damaged wires on Kosareva, Romodanovskaya and Ilmenskaya Streets. Also, during the whole last week, electricians had to go out many times to eliminate the consequences of the attacks on Staromikhaylovka,” Protsenko added.