On Tuesday of March 31, activists from the Donetsk Republic Public Movement’s Staff for Frontline Districts jointly with DPR People’s Council deputy Sergei Chuchin visited the village of Luhanskoye, Petrovsky District of Donetsk, where they delivered medical supplies: walking frames, blood pressure monitors for hypertension patients and glucose monitors for villagers suffering diabetes, as well as personal hygiene products for bedridden patients, the press service of the organization reports.

“Our staff has been working for over two years. For all this time, residents of frontline districts have contacted us with various issues. We always find an opportunity to respond to their requests, because we understand perfectly well how difficult it is to live at the line of contact, amid the ongoing hostilities of Ukraine. The gratitude and kind words of our citizens inspire further work, which we never stop doing,” Sergei Chuchin emphasized.