As we reported earlier, on July 13, three Ukrainian commandos, who turned out to be citizens of foreign countries, were blown up by landmines in Zaytsevo. In order to avoid an international scandal, Ukrainian TV channels have started to pass off the saboteur as a medic, Ukraine claims that the whole group of commandos was a peaceful group who went under a white flag to take the body of its dead fighter, the DPR People’s Militia Directorate gave a detailed account of that.

“On Monday of July 13, a sabotage and reconnaissance group from the 35th marine brigade’s 137th battalion of the armed forces of Ukraine attempted to infiltrate into the territory of the DPR though the area of Zaytsevo (southern) in violation of the existing agreements prohibiting sabotage and reconnaissance activities.

Our defenders did not open fire and were watching the saboteurs by using optical reconnaissance means. Two mines detonated while the enemy group was moving.

The AFU militants were blown up by their own antipersonnel mines, one of them died and two others were wounded. The other saboteurs fled, having left their dead fellow soldier behind,” spokesman for the DPR People’s Militia Directorate Eduard Basurin said.

The DPR People’s Militia ascertained the identity of the dead commando. He was Sean Fuller, a U.S. mercenary with the nom-de-guerre Texas, who used to fight in Iraq, known as a demolition specialist.

Another group set off from the Ukrainian territory to evacuate the body, they went to a place that had not been negotiated with the DPR People’s Militia Directorate. Another Ukrainian militant Mikola Ilin was blown up by a mine, and Ukraine accused the DPR military of shooting at medics who were going to take the body of their fighter.

The Ukrainian media claims that the group was wearing white helmets and bulletproof vests under a white flag. However, the DPR soldiers managed to get a camera of the dead saboteur, it shows that the militants did not have any distinctive humanitarian signs. On the other hand, they were carrying assault rifles, helmets and other weapons.

“The found equipment and weapons are high quality and expensive, produced by NATO countries, used by special operations forces and intended for use during daylight hours and at night.

The use of such an outfit is characteristic of reconnaissance units of the joint forces operation. Note that officers of the SBU special force Alpha, who attempted to carry out a sabotage attack in the territory of the Republic in December, 2019 and were neutralized, had a similar outfit, which directly indicates that the dead soldier belonged with sabotage-reconnaissance units,” Eduard Basurin emphasized.