DPR envoy for the talks in Minsk and Foreign Minister Natalya Nikonorova called in her statement on Western diplomats to stop backing the Ukrainian government, who seek to rewrite the Minsk Agreements.

“The Ukrainian side continues to step up its media campaign to push the thesis that the Minsk Agreements must allegedly be rewritten or changed in some other way. Unfortunately, at the urging of Kiev, representatives of other countries have also started to join those destructive information provocations.

We remind again that the agreements signed in Minsk are a hard-won compromise, which we went for solely because of the possibility of resolving the conflict peacefully. Despite the fact that we had had the advantage, we made significant concessions to Ukraine with regard to agreeing and approving precisely this wording of political items of the Complex of Measures and their sequence, which was later consolidated by both parties to the conflict and approved by the guarantor countries and the UN Security Council. We did not agree to any “rectification”, changes in the “sequence of actions” or search for “interpretations”.

Accordingly, calls for this, especially on the part of representatives of France as one of the states in the Normandy Four, may create more difficulties in the process of peaceful settlement, which has already been extremely difficult and complicated without adding that,” the chief of the foreign-policy establishment emphasized.

She also reminded that according to the Declaration for supporting the Complex of Measures, the guarantors for the Minsk Agreements are to be fully committed to precisely those provisions that are enshrined in this international legal instrument.