During the last day, Ukrainian militants attacked the Slavyanoserbsk front, trying to provoke retaliation from the LPR People’s Militia military. At 15:00, militants of the AFU 93rd brigade using 120mm mortars and BMP-2 guns engaged Beryozovskoye. In total, the enemy fired 37 various munitions on the territory of the Republic, the LPR PM’s press service reported on February 4

“The armed formations of Ukraine keep taking advantage of the ceasefire terms to deploy military equipment and to reinforce their positions near populated localities, thus endangering civilians. In the responsibility zone of the 93rd brigade, we spotted one BTR-70 in the inner suburbs of Muratovo and one ZU-23 antiaircraft system in the residential area of Orekhovo.

We have seen once again that the statements by president Zelensky about settling the conflict in Donbass exclusively by peaceful means have nothing to do with reality. The armed formations of Ukraine have stepped up attacks on the Republic, including with the use of weapons prohibited by the Minsk Agreements, as a result of which about 10 houses were destroyed in the LPR, three civilians and one soldier of the People’s Militia were wounded for the last week alone. Against the background of the armed conflict’s escalation, Zelensky is having a series of meetings with world leaders and political figures, begging them for financial aid to fit out the armed forces to continue the genocide against the population of the People’s Republics. By his actions, Zelensky shows the public that his promises cannot be trusted, including those he made during the election campaign about the peaceful settlement of the conflict,” the LPR PM’s press service stated.