According to the data recorded by representatives of the Lugansk People’s Republic to the JCCC, over the past day, there was detected one engagement of IFV guns from the positions of the 93rd AFU brigade at Donetsky locality, as a result of which a power line was damaged and eight residential buildings were cut off power supply. Emergency services could not proceed to restore the damaged line for a long time due to the lack of guarantees that the Ukrainian party would observe the silence regime, the press office of the LPR People’s Militia reported today, on February 13.

“The enemy continues to take advantage of the ceasefire to deploy military equipment in settlements, endangering civilians. According to our sources, one 122mm Gvozdika motorized artillery mount belonging to the 93rd separate mechanized AFU brigade is located in close proximity to a residential quarter of Severodonetsk. Bryzhinsky’s subordinates placed one armoured personnel carrier in the yard of a residential building in the village of Muratovo.

In the responsibility area of the 59th AFU separate motorized infantry brigade, one infantry fighting vehicle is deployed in the private sector of Svetlodarsk, and Ukrainian militants disguised an IFV and a MTLB in the yards of local residents in the village of Krasny Pakhar.

The AFU military equipment’s deployment in populated localities has also been confirmed by official OSCE reports,” the statement of the LPR People’s Militia press office says.