Five years ago, February 12, 2015 marked the signing of the second Minsk Agreements. DPR People’s Council deputy Valery Skorokhodov talked about the importance of this document in an exclusive interview with a correspondent from the DPR Official Website.

“The Minsk accords are a winning agreement for the Donetsk People’s Republic. Its signing is very important, as it allowed reducing the intensity of attacks, prevented mass deaths of people and further destruction of infrastructure as a result of hostilities. The Minsk Agreements also opened up the potential for a phased integration of the DPR with the Russian Federation and enabled residents of the Republic to get passports and become Russian citizens,” Valery Skorokhodov commented.

He also noted that Donbass is a part of Russia, its residents have always resisted forcible Ukrainization and fought for the right to speak their native Russian, and now they are actively getting passports of the Russian Federation.

“The Minsk Agreements are a fundamental document approved by the special resolution in the UN Security Council, they are our political victory in the international arena. The Minsk accords were supposed to end the war and establish dialogue between Ukraine and Donbass. However, Ukraine ignores the Minsk Agreements, interprets them for its own ends and does not fulfill its part of the agreement. In particular, the elections Ukraine is planning in Donbass have nothing to do with the residents of the Republic, who chose Russia in 2014, but Poroshenko and Zelensky committed the genocide of the people of Donbass. Therefore, the future of the Donetsk People’s Republic is with Russia,” Valery Skorokhodov commented.

He also stressed that Ukraine as a state would be completely destroyed by nationalists, Nazi groups and organizations in the end. It will cease to exist de jure. The people of Donbass and the Nazi Ukraine do not share a common future.