On February 13, Chairman of the DPR People’s Council Vladimir Bidyovka jointly with Youth Parliament members brought sports equipment and office appliances to Special Residential School 36 of Makeyevka, a correspondent of the DPR Official Website reports.

Also, the young parliamentarians talked with schoolchildren, conducted some master classes and played sports games.

“We were here on the eve of the old-style New Year to congratulate the children on the holiday. During the conversation, we learned that the school lacked sports equipment and some office appliances. We consulted with the Youth Parliament representatives and the Makeyevka Administration, found the opportunity, and today we have brought everything you need.

It is very pleasant that the young parliamentarians showed initiative and spared the time for real communication and playing with children. The leadership of the Republic and the city authorities are trying to provide children with all possible assistance, but along with material support it is important to take care of the children,” Vladimir Bidyovka emphasized.

According to Deputy Chairman of the DPR Youth Parliament Yulia Soldatova, in addition to presents, it is necessary to pay attention to each child, so the Youth Parliament members arranged interactive, sports and educational games for the children.

Principal of Special Residential School 36 of Makeyevka Natalya Yekimova added that the institution has 121 children studying under adapted programs from 1st to 9th grades.

“We educate them to work, so after the graduation they can socialize in real life. The children were looking forward to seeing the guests and were very happy when young parliamentarians came together with Mr. Bidyovka,” she said.

In conclusion, Mayor of Makeyevka Sergey Goloschapov noted the importance of real-live communication with the younger generation and the need to make every effort so that they become full-fledged members of society.