DPR People’s Council deputy Alexander Malkov commented on Zelensky’s intentions to launch the broadcast of a new TV channel in the territory of the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics.

“It is obvious that the tasks the new Ukrainian channel will be charged with are aimed solely at promoting the ideology of cynicism, deceit and disinformation. Over 20 million dollars will be wasted on myths to brainwash the minds of our citizens. The other side of the coin in this issue is related to the upcoming local election in Ukraine this Fall, where Zelensky needs to be beat the opposition forces in the southeast of Ukraine in the ratings. With the help of this channel, the “servants of the people”” intend to form a public opinion in the eastern part of the country first, and then in the western part,” Alexander Malkov said.

He also stressed that according to the Ukrainian laws, broadcasting in Russian is banned, which means that the work of this TV channel would be a violation of the very legislation that the Ukrainian government adopted.