In an interview with a correspondent of the DPR Official Website, Union TV channel’s journalist Alexandra Lazareva commented on Ukraine’s intention to launch a TV channel to be broadcast in the territory of the Republic.

“This is a populist measure and here is why I consider it as such. The goals and objectives set for the channel, declared by the President and his team, are clear — these are the information war and propaganda in the Republics’ territory.

Recently, thanks to the “Servant of the People” ruling faction, the Verkhovna Rada has failed to pass two laws. The first issue concerned the resumption of retirement payments to residents of the LPR and the DPR. The second one was the abolition of the law on secondary education, which prohibits studying in Russian.

These two laws constitute a message for Donbass residents indicating that Ukraine has no intention to integrate people from this territory into social life and is not going to take the position of Donbass residents seriously. This suggests that the establishment of a channel to be broadcast in our territories will have no feedback. In fact, the residents of Donetsk and Lugansk understand that they are treated like second-class people in Ukraine.

And we, the journalists of the Republics, should continue doing what we have been doing — covering the situation development. One can only resist this propaganda only by calling a spade a spade,” Alexandra Lazareva said.