Today, the armed formations of Ukraine have made another attempt to destabilize the situation on the contact line, the LPR PMD press service reported.

Thus, early in the morning at about 6:00 a.m., a 10-strong enemy sabotage group advanced towards our defenders’ positions near Golubovskoye locality. Our monitors timely detected the movement of the enemy group and continued to monitor its further actions.

When approaching our positions, the group tripped a minefield, as a result of which at least two militants were killed and three were wounded.

With a view to evacuate the dead and wounded from the blast site, the command of 93rd brigade was instructed to launch a massive artillery attack on the Republic localities.

Ukrainian militants inflicted a massive artillery strike with 82mm and 120mm mortars and 122mm and 152mm artillery on the areas of Golubovskoye, Sokolniki, Donetsky and Smeloye localities. The militants of the 93rd AFU brigade under Commander Bryzhinsky fired over fifty shells and projectiles onto the territory of the Republic.

There was recorded damage to civil infrastructure, emergency services can not approach the destruction sites. Civilians are forced to take shelter in the basements of their homes.

During the shelling, there was detected the enemy’s active use of unmanned aerial vehicles, our air defense units brought down one enemy UAV which had been adjusting fire on populated areas of the Republic.

Information on the destruction and casualties among civilians is being specified.

In addition, according to our data, the Joint Forces Operation Command engaged journalists from the Ukrainian Channel 5, 1+1, TSN and ICTV TV channels in making video reports accusing the People’s Militia of violating the ceasefire.

We urge the OSCE Mission monitors to record the facts of ceasefire violations by Ukraine, and press the Ukrainian armed formations to cease the provocations.