On February 18, citizens from Rozovka and nearby villages got qualified medical assistance from specialists of the Mobile Health Clinic project, which is implemented by the Donetsk Republic Public Movement. According to a correspondent of the DPR Official Website, the visiting group included doctors from the Occupational Pathology and Rehabilitation Republic Center affiliated with the Donetsk Regional In-Patient Medical Association.

Four highly qualified specialists — cardiologist, neurologist, ophthalmologist and endocrinologist — conducted a free medical consult for 40 people in the local outpatient clinic of family general medicine.

According to head of the Rozovka village administration Tatiana Rozumovskaya, there are many pensioners living in this village and nearby villages, there are also people with disabilities who need consultation with specialists, but cannot get it on their own.

“The main task of the state is to take care of the people and their welfare, so the assistance provided by the DRPM’s Mobile Health Clinic project is very important, and for the elderly people it is just crucial,” Tatiana Rozumovskaya said.

“For many patients it is very hard to get to a medical facility in Shakhtersk or the capital of the Republic, so such on-the-spot activities are just necessary for the residents of remote localities. Also, I would like to note that when involving doctors, we proceed from the requests of citizens, who inform in advance what medical specialist they need. About the arrival of a visiting group all citizens are informed in advance,” head of the outpatient clinic in Rozovka Svetlana Khabarova told.

In turn, endocrinologist from the Donetsk Regional In-Patient Medical Association Liliya Kneshyvitskaya noted that the provision of necessary medical aid is the duty of every doctor.

According to the villagers, it is not always possible to get a consultation from a qualified doctor of narrow focus at the medical station, so the visiting of Mobile Health Clinic doctors is very important and relevant.

“Mo matter which way you look at it, but the years take their toll. Our life is not easy either. I noticed that I have got trouble seeing already. And getting an appointment in the clinic is not very convenient: it is far and snowdrifts. That is why today’s visit of the doctors was very pleasant. I got to an ophthalmologist, and my wife got consulted by a cardiologist. Thank you very much, you do the right thing,” the villager said.

Recall that the Mobile Health Clinic project has been for the ninth time already to towns and districts lacking specialists and located in remote areas far from the capital of the Republic.