Ukraine’s Minister of the Interior has taken the initiative to adopt a law on collaborators instead of an amnesty law. Head of the Donetsk Republic Public Movement’s Central Executive Committee Alexei Muratov commented on this statement.

“Kiev continues to send messages of “peace and amity” to Donbass. It is not only about ongoing provocations on the contact line, but also about the legislative initiatives taken by Ukrainian politicians.

Thus, Internal Affairs Minister Arsen Avakov on air of the Svoboda Slova [“Freedom of Speech”] program stated the need to pass a law on collaborators before the elections in the Donbass Republics. According to Avakov’s proposal, doctors, teachers and clerks must not be — the exact word was — “repressed.” At the same time, only criminal prosecution must be applied to participants in the liberation movement, state building, as well as Donbass defenders.

The Head of the Ukrainian law enforcement agency interprets the fifth paragraph of the Package of Measures for the Implementation of the Minsk Agreements, which requires Kiev to adopt and enact a law prohibiting the prosecution and punishment of persons involved in the conflict, in quite a special way.

Nevertheless, his statement continues the logic of the Ukrainian National Security and Defense Council, which has developed five plans for the reintegration of Donbass. From the statements by the “peacemaker” Zelensky’s team representatives, residents of the region have already got to know about their intentions to deport the local population, create transitional justice, truth commissions, private pre-trial detention centres and other repressive mechanisms of “re-Ukrainization.”

It remains unclear what Kiev is looking forward to and what alternative reality Zelensky and his associates live in, allowing for at least a scant opportunity for the implementation of any of the above-mentioned ideas. Donetsk and Lugansk have made their choice, defended it in battles and have been steadily following it for almost six years. Ukraine has failed to break down the proud and powerful people of Donbass with either weapons, blockades or terror, and it will not succeed in this in the future,” Muratov said.