During today’s Contact Group meeting, as part of the discussion of security issues, the negotiators focused on specific coordinates of potential disengagement areas, as well as on a draft supplement to the Framework Decision, which is necessary for the implementation of further withdrawal of forces and equipment.

“Summarizing the discussion of the last meeting, we carefully worked out the coordinates of two locations, taking into account all proposals, and sent them to the coordinator in advance.

The Republic’s negotiators provided their comprehensive arguments on the updated options, in which we complied with all the principles the Framework Decision.

Unfortunately, it can be said that the process of agreeing on three more disengagement areas is being delayed because of the Ukrainian party’s stance as of today, they are pushing for their own options that do not meet the requirements of the Framework Decision and actually do not provide for a real withdrawal of their forces and equipment from the locations in question,” Natalya Nikonorova said.

In addition, given the ever-increasing escalation at the line of contact, representatives of the Republics demanded compliance with the additional measures agreed in July 2019 to strengthen and monitor the indefinite truce, including the conduct of necessary investigations.