According to information from representatives of the Lugansk People’s Republic to the JCCC, the enemy violated the ceasefire once over the past 24 hours. On the Slavyanoserbsk front, militants from the 93rd brigade, on the orders of war criminal Bryzhinsky, shelled the village of Donetsky with 82mm mortars, having fired eight rounds, the press service of the LPR People’s Militia reported on February 27.

“The armed formations of Ukraine continue to deploy weapons and military equipment in neighborhoods of populated localities in the territory they control. Thus, in the responsibility zone of the 72nd brigade, a T-64 tank was spotted in the yard of a separate house in Rubezhnoye.

The 93rd AFU separate mechanized brigade deployed a 9K330 Tor antiaircraft missile system in Novoakhtyrk. Bryzhinsky’s subordinates disguised a BTR-80 armored personnel carrier in the yard of a residential building in Orekhovo. The 93rd brigade deployed an infantry fighting vehicle in a neighborhood of Mirnaya Dolina. The OSCE Mission also confirms those cases.

The joint forces operation’s command continues to actively involve rubber-stamp media in making fake video reports to accuse the people’s republics of violating the ceasefire. According to our colleagues from the DPR People’s Militia, groups of journalists from the TV channels ICTV, Channel 5 and Ukraine, accompanied by officers from the press service of the joint forces operation’s staff, arrived at the responsibility zone of the 59th, 72nd and 93rd AFU brigades in Svetlodarsk, Zolotoye and Orekhovo. The main task of the Ukrainian propagandists is to prepare and disseminate fake information to accuse the republics’ leadership of violating the Minsk Agreements.

In order to provoke retaliation from our defenders, the command of the punitive expedition plans to launch several attacks on the territory of the Republic by using 120mm mortars and tubed artillery prohibited by the Minsk Agreements. In this regard, we call on the international monitoring organizations to enhance monitoring of the AFU-controlled territory in order to prevent provocations that the Ukrainian command is planning, which the civilian population might fall victim to,” reads the statement from the LPR PM’s press service.