Against the backdrop of the global fight against the coronavirus epidemic, Ukrainian militants continue terrorizing the civilian population of Donbass, reads the urgent statement from a DPR People’s Militia spokesman.

“Knowing that the Republic is taking measures to prevent the coronavirus expansion and the majority of citizens are staying home, the AFU target exclusively residential areas in the Republic’s populated localities.

At 14:25, militants of the 28th AFU brigade again engaged Staromikhaylovka with large-caliber machine guns and small arms. A female civilian born 1931 was killed in the terrorist attack committed by the Ukrainian militants.

It has been the second crime on the brigade’s record for one day. Earlier we stated that five residential buildings had been damaged in Staromikhaylovka by the AFU’s criminal attacks with artillery and mortars.

More information on damage to the civil infrastructure and civilian casualties is being specified.

Today, the Ukrainian leadership has officially announced that general Nayev, known for his war crimes he has been committing against the residents of Donbass since 2014, has been appointed commander of the occupation forces.

Reshuffles in the command staff of the Ukrainian occupation forces run counter to Zelensky’s words about his intentions to end the bloodshed in Donbass.

Recall that war crimes against humanity do not fall under statute of limitations, and no actions of Ukrainian occupiers will go unpunished.

We call on international monitors of the OSCE SMM to intervene in what is happening and make the AFU observe a stable ceasefire to end the genocide of the civilian population of the Republic,” the DPR PMD’s spokesman stated.