The armed formations of Ukraine opened fire ten times on populated localities Republic in the past 24 hours, spokesman for the DPR PMD Oleg Nikitin reported at the briefing in Donetsk on March 30.

“On the Gorlovka front, militants from the 58th brigade shelled Dolomitnoye, Zheleznaya Balka and the village of Gagarin Mine with 122mm artillery, 120 and 82mm mortars.

On the Donetsk front, the 28th and 57th brigades armed with 122mm artillery, IFV guns, various rocket launchers, large-caliber machine guns and small arms were firing at Staromikhaylovka, Luganskoye, the Donetsk airport and the village of Trudovskaya Mine.

On the Mariupol front, militants of the 128th brigade armed with 82mm mortars, IFV guns, large-caliber machine guns and small arms engaged Yasnoye and Petrovskoye,” Oleg Nikitin reported.

He also noted that Ukrainian militants from the 128th brigade had been destabilizing the situation at the Petrovskoye disengagement area No. 3.

“Our JCCC monitors yesterday reported 15 shots with a BMP-1 and 70 shots with a BMP-2. They were fired from the direction of Bogdanovka at the village of Petrovskoye within the disengagement area. Moreover, Ukrainian militants continue to target civil infrastructure deliberately.

At 16:17, in violation of the Minsk Agreements, Ukrainian militants from the 128th brigade deliberately shelled Yasnoye with 82mm mortars, having fired 20 shells on the village.

The shelling resulted in damage to two houses at 1 Valova Street and 21 Pobedy Street. In addition, a gas pipeline and the heating main are damaged, the boiler house at 1B Lenina Street shut down,” said Oleg Nikitin said.

He also added that militants were firing at Aleksandrovka with SPGs this morning, the facades and glazing of two buildings at 5 and 6A Chelyuskintsev Street are damaged.

At 9:45, the AFU opened fire at the Vasilievka pumping station with large-caliber machine guns and small arms while operating shifts were rotating out. More information on civilian casualties and damage to the civil infrastructure is being specified.