Today, on March 28, according to the agenda of the plenary session, MPs considered the draft Law On Amendments to the DPR Law On Special Legal Regimes. It was elaborated by People’s Council deputy and chairperson of the Committee for Criminal and Administrative Legislation Elena Shishkina, the press service of the DPR People’s Council reports.

Chairman of the People’s Council Committee for Security and Defense Vitaly Kravets introduced the draft law.

“The draft law envisages the possibility of forming a special governing body, State Commission for Emergency Regime Control under the DPR Head. He establishes it in case of a state of emergency. The draft law also sets out its main functions and tasks. The establishment of this commission is necessary to immediately address issues and take measures to eliminate the circumstances that triggered a state of emergency throughout the Donetsk People’s Republic. In addition, the draft law specifies the tasks and functions, as well as the arrangement procedure of the State Commission’s activities,” said the MP.

Since the draft law is aimed at improving the effectiveness of management of consequences that served as the basis for declaring special legal regimes, the MPs voted for its adoption in two readings.